About Me

Life Coach Trisheana Barzar Hunter began living her calling at an early age. From childhood, she learned how to overcome adversity, pain, crisis, and trauma and understood the importance of leading by example. From the age of six, Trisheana has been living proof that although it’s hard and even seems impossible, you can overcome whatever you are facing and find growth and healing in the process. Being sick from a very young age caused her to spend a significant part of her elementary and high school years healing, recovering from brain surgeries, and learning to live with a severe and rare form of brain trauma. Trisheana has personally survived, brain surgeries, septic shock, strokes, and been a victim of assault.

Today, Trisheana Barzar Hunter walks in her purpose as a Certified Transformational Life Coach, Podcaster and Motivational Speaker. She holds Master’s Degrees in Psychology and Industrial-Organizational Psychology as well as Management. She has studied in professional counseling and worked in the behavioral health field as well. She is the devoted mother of two beautiful daughters who are her constant source of joy strength, and motivation.

Trisheana works closely with individuals who have experienced trauma, crisis, illness, or pain whether physical or emotional. Her coaching technique helps people get beyond their struggles and suffering and regain their belief in their own value. Trisheana provides a relatable one on one coaching experience that empowers her clients to discover the best within themselves and begin moving forward with a greater sense of confidence and purpose.

As a coach, Trisheana has extensive experience working with a diverse group of individuals facing equally diverse challenges including PTSD, anxiety, overthinking, low self-esteem and various forms of trauma or illness. She meets each client where they are and helps them overcome fear and doubt in order to live life on their own terms. As a survivor herself, Trisheana understands how difficult it can be to create positive change while facing tremendous and even unbearable obstacles. But through her own journey she has learned that “Every Mountain Can Be Moved If You are Willing To Take The First Step ™”

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